Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Am Muslim

I Am Muslim By Imran Ali You say I'm a terrorist, You say I'm a threat. You say I'm destructive, But have we truly met? You call me a murderer, You call me a thief. You call me a traitor, Is this your belief? To you, I'm unstable, To you, I'm insane. To you, I'm incompetent, But do I cause this pain? Apparently, I'm alien, Apparently, I'm inhumane. Apparently, I'm strange, And are you perfectly sane? I am all of these things, At the same time, I'm none. No matter how much I object, These names will go on. I am treated with hatred, And left with nothing but wraith. Everwhere I go, I'm judged, Primarily due to my faith. You judge me from the media, A biased, inaccurate source. They portray me by prejudice, And you believe them, of course. Only because my voice is nothing, My voice is hollow and empty. My word is blank, yours is final ,My will has been taken ineptly. But that is what you think, And that is where your wrong. My will isn't your's to take, Even to me it does not belong. For it belongs to Allah, And thus shows who I am. A person who submits their will to God, And by this I proudly stand. My brothers and sisters oppressed, In Bosnia, Paris and Palestine. The reign over them is nothing, To the Imaan within that shines. Their hearts may be dark, And their hopes may be darker. But what radiates around the world, Are their cries of "Allahu Akbar". I say I'm not a terrorist, I say I'm far from a threat. I say I'm loyal, not a traitor, And I say there's nothing I regret. But my loyalty remains with Allah, ar-Rahmân, ar-Rahîm. For only Allah deserves it, He is omniscient, al-'Alîm. My brothers and sisters, Our hardships will be, Our key to Jannaat, Our eternity. So my brothers and sisters of Islam, Fear only al-Muqaddim. Stand proud with Imaan and say, I Am Muslim.

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