Monday, February 27, 2012

Biography Of Muhammad S.A.W

Far away in Arabia,
Born a son to Amina
became a messenger to Allah
revealed islam to the whole Arabia
we enjoy the fruit of islam today
how many many sufferings he had that day
to establish the believers for any day
every corner there are believers today.
however, do we pay any attention to read the pains of our prophet
tortures of Abu Lahab while our prophet was commencing prayers
Abu Lahab invited some one to bring a guts of a ccamel and put
put the back of our prophet who was in prayer
some one responded to his order and tortured our prophet
our prophet was in prostration
could not lift his head in that situation
till his daughter fatimah came to change its position
we need to love our lord and his messenger first
How on earth we are going to love our prophet
without knowing the sufferings he had for his ummah
atleast read once in your life, life of our prophet who showed us the path of jennah.

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