Monday, February 27, 2012


A piece of cloth covering the body, why do they wear this, I hear them wonder.
Hijab is like a shield; protecting us from harm.
The beauty is indescribable; better than the shooting star.
You walk on the street, your hijab trailing behind you; so delicacy yet full of comfort.
It’s stronger than the bodied armour more feared than the gore.
How can such a cloth be feared by many; the society in jitters fearing it will grow by each penny.
Modesty is wanted; concerned by many
Wear the hijab and you would feel protected
Oppose the hijab and you would die neglected
To protect is to cover and to cover is to protect.
Ignore the Satan and you will die proud; agree with the Satan and you will die as a fraud.
Hijab is a protection; protecting us from all evil.
A cloth, I know, how can it shield us from such harm?
If you knew the value it had, you wouldn’t give a damn.
To wear the hijab is to be away from all harm.

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